Making our way. Travelling various countries. Discovering the world. Getting to know how humans connect to nature and to love being good guides. We have met beings of great wisdom and down-to-earth locals. Made valuable experiences. And there -in the distance -we recognized our greatest desire: to combine the practice of Shinrin Yoku or forest therapy close to our homeland and beyond. With nature connection experiences in biocultural landscapes, like those of Dhaulagiri in Nepal or the nomadic lands of Kyrgyztan. Yugen Green was created between the mountains of the Pyrinees and Navarre and now is based in Donostia.
We offer forest therapy experiences in Donostia and in other parts of the world. We also offer nature-connection programs for creatives, entrepreneurs and any other groups who are in a process of transition, creation or simply, exploration. This work is always in person and held in Nature. You´ll come away feeling empowered, energized and with more clarity.



We do not walk the path alone. Strong people acompany us: travellers, visionaries, creatives, local entrepeneours, artists, and each and every person who join us. Our loyalty to them all binds us together. We meet them on an equal footing. With respect and appreciation. Because every individual who subscribes to our philosophy is part of our lives. We stand by our word, want to ensure a solid life foundation and provide an open, stimulating platform in a safe environment.


For us, life stories are more valuable than success. And a heartful conversation between two like minded people, who encounter each other here with us, is worth more than anything we can even offer materially. A supportive community with a common love of nature, in where to hold each other accountable for making maybe, big life changes. That´s it why we invite people to experience nature with us, and hopefully turn your experience into a meaningful day.


Living innovation means breaking with convention. Thinking outside the box. And to do this, our number one source of inspiration is nature. For us, creativity and atmosphere are a conscious priority. The closeness to the sea and the strength of nature play a supporting role, helping to experience new paths and and thus new emotional worlds.


Nature is at the heart of all that we do. We encourage people to connect with nature in a meaningful way, so they may take action. Whether it’s walking in the forest or getting to the top of a mountain, living on this planet means exploring this planet.


We understand the excitement and overwhelm associated with finding your own way forward. Remaining ourselves that we are not only our jobs, our achievements and failures or our roles. We are living beings and as such, setting passionate, meaningful and attainable goals are the best way to stay focused on a sense of fulfilment, the things that really matter. Going into nature is not just about disconnecting from all the technology and noise of modern life, but is also about reconnecting to something so much bigger than ourselves. When we get rid of all the distractions, we’re able to tune into a deeper wisdom. This deeper wisdom — our nature, the universe — always has the message each of us need to hear.


For every outdoor experience we take, we believe we should give something back. This is about constantly asking what steps we can take, small or large, to offset our footprint or have a smaller impact. And as we learn to translate the messages and integrate them into our lives, we’re able to tune in to our own wild nature as well as hear what the Earth wants to share with us. Because we belief that people and the planet should be at the heart of our vision for the future.


While the world around us is changing more and more quickly, we want to offer experiences of steadfastness and peace. Experiences with its own strength and its own aura. We wish to create our own river bed, where our life can flow at our own speed. So we take a lot of time with any new features. We plan carefully. Listen to our community attentively. Reflect. Spin ideas. Build castles in the air. And finally, give enough scope to achieve a quality implementation of our imaginings.


We are grateful that at the right moment, the right people find us and that these people develop a feeling for our values. That they fit in and made our lives so wonderful, beautiful and rich with their way of being, their work and their inspiration. For that, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


We support organisations that work closely in helping nature and the indigenous communities who protect %80 of the biodiversity of the world. These are some, Survival International, Le Ciel Foundation and The Red Tree.